Booking T&Cs

Departure and Arrival

Check-in will be a contact free experience.  Guests are now welcome to arrive anytime from 4pm on the arrival day, while departure is by 10am on the final day. We will be asking guests to strictly adhere to these times, which will be crucial to ensuring that we have enough time to clean the barn following the Government physical distancing rules and adopting the new additional cleaning protocols (these timings have become the new industry standard in the area).


A provisional booking can be made on receipt of a non-refundable deposit, being 30% of the holiday price (to the nearest pound).  A confirmation of the booking will be sent by email and at that point a legal contract has been formed.

Bookings must be made by a lead name of the party who must be over 21 years of age (herein known as “the hirer”).  All other individuals that will occupy the accommodation will be collectively known as “the Group”.  When a booking is made within 8 weeks (56 days) of the arrival date, the full holiday price plus security deposit must be paid at the time of booking - [note: currently amended to 4 weeks (28 days) for 2020/21 only - see COVID T&Cs below].

Security Deposit

A security deposit of £200 is required on booking, which will be returned within seven days of departure, subject to inspection. 


Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.

Final Payment

The booking confirmation will show the balance due and the balance due date.  The full balance must be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to the start of your holiday. [note: currently amended to 4 weeks for 2020/21 only - see COVID T&Cs below]


The initial 30% deposit is non-refundable.  If a cancellation is received before the balance payment becomes due you will not be liable for the balance payment and only if the accommodation is re-let will the initial deposit will be returned. 

If the deposit and the balance have been received and cancellation takes place after the second payment, neither the first nor the second payments will be refundable. Unless the accommodation is re-let in which case both payments will be returned to the hirer (minus any difference in rates obtained).  This is offered as a good will gesture and will be indisputable.

Should the owners of Fountains Fell Barn have to cancel the holiday or any reason, every effort will be made to find suitable alternative accommodation.  If this is not possible a refund will be made of all monies paid to the hirer by the owners of Fountains Fell Barn for the accommodation.

No further financial claims against the owners will be considered.


The hirer and/or Group shall use the accommodation strictly for private holiday occupation and this agreement shall not confer on the hirer any security of tenure within the terms of the Housing Act 188 pursuant to which the occupation shall be deemed to be by way of an excluded tenancy.  The hirer and/or Group shall not do or allow to be done anything which may become a nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of the neighbouring properties.

The hirer shall not allow any person or persons to sleep in or otherwise occupy the accommodation except as specified on the Booking Form.  If this is not observed, the owner reserves the right to refuse admittance or require that the hirer vacate the property.  In this eventuality no refund of monies will be due. 


The hirer and/or Group must not allow any pets in the accommodation unless this has been agreed with the owner at the time of making the booking or at least 14 days before the start of the hire period.

  • pets must not be left unattended in the accommodation (including the garden) at any time without the prior agreement of the owner;
  • pets must not be allowed in any of the bedrooms or on any of the furniture within the accommodation;
  • pets must be under strict control at all times;
  • the hirer must clear up any fouling on gardens or grounds without delay

The hirer and/or Group brings a pet with them without having agreed with with the owner at the time of making the booking or at least 14 days before the start of the hire period then the owner may enter the accommodation and require the hirer/or Group occupying the accommodation to vacate the accommodation.  If the owner takes this step the booking and hire period shall be cancelled with immediate effect and the hirer (and anybody within the Group) shall not be entitled to a refund or any compensation for any reason due to the hire period coming to an end early.


Smoking is not permitted inside the property.  You may smoke in the garden, but please dispose of cigarette butts carefully and take care of the garden furniture.


There is space for two cars in front of the garage (clearly sign-posted).  Please park one car in front of the other.

You may park outside the front of the barn for the purposes for unloading/loading your car only and you must move all vehicles to the designated parking area in front of the garage during all other times.

Holiday insurance

Your booking is a legally binding contract, and like all contracts you should protect yourself in case things go wrong.  We highly recommend that you take out holiday cancellation insurance.  An adequate insurance should cover you against all travel or accommodation deposits of charges which you have paid or are contracted to pay in respect of any or part of the holiday which you are prevented from undertaking and where the appropriate premium has been paid.

The insurance should cover cancellation or curtailment of your holiday due to death, injury, illness, redundancy, summons for jury service or as a court witness, your home becoming uninhabitable or you being required to assist in police matters.  If you have to cancel for a reason not covered by insurance, the same terms apply.   

Holidaymakers Agreement

The hirer and/or Group must agree to:

  1. pay for any losses or damage (excluding reasonable wear and tear). Where an outside contractor is required to repair damage, a charge will be made.  Charges will be passed on to you directly.
  2. take good and reasonable care of the property and to leave the property and all equipment in a clean and tidy condition.
  3. permit the owners reasonable access to the property
  4. abide by and not exceed the total number of persons in the property as stated on the booking form.
  5. report any damages or malfunctioning items to the owner on departure.

Non-availability of Property

Should the cases arise that the property, for reason beyond our control, is not available after booking has taken place, all charges paid in full by the hirer will be returned in full.  The hirer will have no further claim on the owner or the agent.


If the hirer and/or Group is not fully satisfied with the accommodation offered they must immediately contact the owner and every effort will be made to resolve the problem.  If the situation cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, the owner will attend as soon as possible to inspect the property.  The owner will not consider claims for problems notified to them after the hire period has ended.


The ‘lead party’ name must take responsibility for the entire party booking.  Should any of the party members not conform to any of these conditions, we reserve the right to enter the property and terminate the tenants.

UPDATE to POLICY regarding COVID T&C's  

In light of these unprecedented circumstances we have updated our Booking T&C’s (in particular our cancellation policy) as follows.  Please take the time to read through the below policy updates in conjunction with our standard Booking T&C’s above

Payment of any outstanding balance due for arrival dates prior to 31st December 2021

From immediate effect, we will relax our payment due date from 8 weeks prior to arrival date – to 4 weeks prior to arrival date (for 2020/21 arrival dates only)


Per our existing policy, your booking is confirmed by the receipt of a 30% non-refundable deposit (or full payment if arrival date is less than 4 weeks away). 

If you haven’t paid your balance yet, then please pay on or before the due date (now 28 days prior to arrival).  You may cancel at this point but you will forfeit your deposit.  If we are able to re-let your dates we would be able to return part or all of your monies paid – but this would be subject to the rebook rates obtained; this is offered as a good will gesture and will be indisputable. 

Cancellation made less than 4 weeks prior to arrival due to :

  • Government enforced national lock-down (ie. no non-essential travel, stay in own home etc)
    • you will receive a FULL refund of all monies paid
  • Sickness (or self-isolation) - including Government enforced local lockdown
    • 50% refund of all monies paid

Cancellation made 48 hours or less prior to arrival

  • No refund (unless for a new Government enforced national lock-down announced within this timeframe, see above)

Transfer of booking to alternative dates

Subject to availability, it will be possible to transfer your booking to another date (up to and including dates in 1H 2022).  These will be accepted on the following basis: 

  • The prevailing rate for the new dates will apply; if higher, any reasonable difference must be paid at time of transfer
  • All remaining balances must be paid by the new due date 

Important notice to all – please read

To enjoy your time at Fountains Fell Barn, we would ask you to remember that our self-catering premises is for recreational use only.  We would, therefore, ask anyone concerned that they might have encountered the virus and have symptoms, to follow the Government advice and self-isolate.

If any self-isolation is required, it must be undertaken at your permanent residence for your own safety, and the safety of others; self-isolation is under no circumstances permitted at the barn and anyone who does not respect this policy will be asked to leave immediately.

Lastly, we reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time (due to health and safety concerns).  If we have to take the difficult decision to do this we will offer you a full refund or the opportunity to rebook for a later date.

These booking conditions were completed on 12th February 2020 (and updated for COVID provisions in April 2020, January 2021, May 2021).